Monday, September 19, 2011

What is ATAC?

ATAC (Anti-Trafficking Advocacy Coalition) is a new student group at the NYU School of Law.

ATAC’s mission is threefold:
(1) to educate NYU School of Law and the greater student body about human trafficking, specifically, various forms of trafficking, its prevalence worldwide, and in NYC in particular, and how trafficking impacts students’ daily lives;
(2) to participate in the fight against trafficking by volunteering with NYC victims’ service providers and advocates to serve trafficking victims and working on research or outreach projects with policy makers and NGOs; and
(3) to provide resources to students interested in fighting trafficking, such as employer contacts, internship information, and networking opportunities.

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  1. Really need times and locations finalized for Freedom Week events. Can't post/advertise/outreach without.
    Peace, Justice and Freedom... avra